If you're here because COVID-19 is throwing you for a loop—restrictions, anxiety, isolation, disruptions—I've got you! 

Whatever "most important" looks like to you right now, the tools in the Creative Engine Masterclass are built to help you put that work and those projects first, before you're derailed by everyone else's needs and demands. 

In the Creative Focus community, we like to say there's no such thing as work-life "balance", there's only whole life integration. There's never been a time when that's been more true than right now. 

If this sounds like where you're at, this free masterclass—3 Steps to overcome resistance and unblock creative flow—will help.




3 Steps to overcome resistance and unblock creative flow

Tap into the power of your Creative Engine and get your future-building projects finished!

If you struggle to prioritize your creative work in the face of perfectionism, procrastination, and the neverending demands of other people, this FREE one-hour live masterclass is for you.

  • Master the four essential phases of creative production...and learn why, when you skip one of these crucial steps, you find yourself stuck.
  • Predict the appearance of your "resistors" — the key spots that will drag on your progress — "Shoulds", perfectionism, impostor syndrome, distraction, procrastination, and scarcity...learn to avoid those traps!
  • Gain command over your process that will give you a sense of proportion and control, keep you moving—even when things get really challenging.
  • Learn the secret of leveling up your creative life! 

Join this free class and revolutionize your ability to focus on and finish your creative projects!


You don't want to miss this! Here's what prior participants had to say...

Hi, I'm Jessica! 

I've been a working professional cartoonist and author for over 25 years, and I help serious creatives get their most important work off the back burner and out into the real world. 

My simple, achievable, down-to-earth approach has helped thousands of creative people stop letting other people hijack their priorites, and start finishing and launching the work they know matters most

No matter how long you've been trying—and failing—to take control of your focus and productivity, you can do this!

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